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Janet Hansom

Your Monday memo was so timely! I had decided that 2014 was the year I was going to retire. When my son asked me to watch the grand kids while he goes to Italy, I just knew this was the year. Have I had nagging feelings about money? Yes, indeed! But not only do I know God will provide, I know that there is much we can cut back on as a family, and be just fine. It all comes down to trust. I was determined to lose some weight for the Kenya trip and I have lost 24 lbs so far! I feel better than ever, and I turned 66 on 1/6! So thank you for challenging me! I know that the devil is a liar, and that even after disliking my job for so long, I was thinking about missing the great salary. That is not where my heart truly is! I have lots to do for the Lord, and want to get to it! Please continue to pray for me, as we both embark on new journeys! I think the last third of our lives are going to be incredible! Thank you, Pastor John.

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