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April 12, 2006


The Mommy Blawger

Dr. Stanko - I'm trying to use the buttons on the sidebar, and the seem to be trying to add your normal blog ( to my feed instead of your Monday Memo feed. You might want to check on those links.

John Stanko

The email subscribe services are working fine. Just put your email address in for any of my three blogs on that particular site. Feedblitz will sort out which one you want, even though it goes to the same database.

The Mommy Blawger

Actually, I am already getting the Monday Memo via email. I wanted to subscribe to the feed instead, since I find it more efficient to receive updates as a headline on my MyYahoo! page rather than process another email in my Inbox.

I got everything working fine now, though.


On 10th May, I was driving to work and you were on 93.3 Hope Fm in Nairobi. You spoke staright into my world and at 08.07 I wrote this down in my "pocket blog" - "God has spoken to me - 08.07 10th May 2006. I'm in the jam heading to a place i no longer wanna be". I also wrote down what you said - courage is not the absence of fear but operating in spite of it!! Powerful. Well, I'm still here, in the place that I no longer wanna be i.e. my work place. I'd rather be running our hair and beauty shop with my wife by my side and planning and visualising on how to grow it over the next 3, 5, 20 years. I actually wrote wrote a resignation letter that day. The letter was actually a culmination of many other factors - what I had come to refer to as non-value adding stress. However, I'm still here - my wife and I analysed the financial situation especially the level of debt and we agreed to push this forward to closer to year end when we'll not be as highly leveraged as we are. So I'm back to the preparation stage. I have set a goal to be operating the business from home as from January 2007. One thing is for sure - there is no right time to leave and if you're not careful, paralysis by analysis will set in and depress you. I'm doing my best to listen to the Lords voice here and I believe he has spoken and will continue to do so. Like you said, if he has provided me with success this far, He can do it again and again and again. God bless you mightily.

Brenda very impressed with the new blitz look.Very easy to read I must say and with an interesting outlook.Keep up the good work.I am also encouraged by the messages of faith you have posted especially your stay at the Hilton Hotel.What a God we serve!!His word is sure,He doesn't bless a double minded man.Keep the fire burning for Jesus!

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