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May 15, 2006


Truphie Sumba

Trust forms the basis of almost every relationship I can think of. The world is brocken mainly because of the breaking of this vital ingredient - TRUST.

Reading of Daniel it seems that their trust of and in God was intact - That no matter what the result of being burnt or saved would be, they still trusted God.

Would it be that they were living lives of conviction rather than convenience? I think that if I was convicted of God's goodness to me all the time and in all things, I would certainly trust Him all ways.


Dr. Stanko.
I just want to thank you for your memo about trust, My husband and I live in Hampton, Viriginia and work with Pastor Tim. with the children, In fact we all attented the same church in the burgh. Your words about trusting in God brought comfort to me, Just this morning I was telling and writing to God as to why I needed a job after 29 years of being a stay at home wife and mother, forgetting about what God has done for me, HELLO!! He will supply all my needs, I want for nothing. God had me reading about Abraham and how rich he was by just being obedient, and when he wasn't obediant he still walked out blessed.

How quickly we forget and feel that we need to help God along with our situations. After reading about Abraham I went to see what was on the computer there was your memo about trusting, God is so good about confirming His word.

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