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June 04, 2006


Juli Ann Wilhite

I first met you when you came to Heartland Church in Irving, TX about 1 1/2 years ago. I signed up for the monday memo and my life has drastically changed. I am pursuing my call and purpose by serving in and working toward a full time ministry position. I quit my corporate job that gave me no joy and while I have a lot less money, I am so much more content and happy. Thank you for your purpose message. I encourage all of the people that I work with to do what they are made to do!


Hey John! You are so correct that the purpose message is one of the best ways to help people discover and unfold who they are. I, too have found that many pastors and leaders in the private sector are "afraid" to allow their people the freedom to be empowered and "grow". They have things nice and tidy and most rule by terror, versus empowerment. I think they are afraid to look behind them to see if anyone is following... for many they would discover there is no one following so therefore, they must be taking a walk. Thanks for all that you do and for so impacting my life with your purpose message. Keep up the good work oh great Chaos Master! Sheila


psalm148 david calls for us to praise the lord. not only us but creepy crawlys, forces of nature and things. Now we usually think of praising God as telling Him orally how wonderful we think He is but I began to ask myself ho the wind can praise God when it has no mouth. Then i was led to think, when an ant is creeping,when the sun is shining, when the snow is falling what are they doing that counts as praise? They are doing what they were created to do. So i totaly agree Dr J, we ought to know what we were created to do and do it that even if we never say a word to God He will say we praised Him indeed. God Bless you, Lts keep going

Joseph Sirat

Dear Dr. Stanko,
Thanks alot for your insights.God can provide even where the enviroment is at
odds.Kenya has been spared
power shortages while neighbouring countries are
suffering economicaly.God
provided the rains for hyro-
On the issue of different parts of the body performing
equal but important roles,
it was amazing to learn that
the hidden parts of the body
perform even greater roles
than the vissible ones.

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