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July 09, 2006



Thanks Dr J that was very encouraging indeed. For me it painted a beautiful picture, which will help me keep going forward.
Blessings from Ian your friend in Gosport


Dr J this is such a true word but I'd like to take it a step further. I felt led to fast money for one week and I went where ever I needed to go with no money and God provided all the way. Many things happened but to mention one,I had someone I had met only once, had not seen for over 3 months and at that time this person thought little of christians, call me and offer me transport to church so I was covered for Sunday cause God wanted me to be in church. Ilearnt that even without money God makes a way where there seems to be none. He wants us trust Him through and through.Thanks for the word Doc.


I must testify. Last year I needed to go to Cape Town but did not have the funds. A friend told me to make my flight bookings etc anyway. The moment I did that God spoke to me to speak to my company about the trip and they paid for it all. Then early this year I decided to travel to botswana. When I planned all this I had no idea where the funds would come from but I knew that I wanted to be there. Well this time around God worked differently.The night before the journey I got a call from a friend accross the border who said I should make sure I don't fill up my tank with fuel because they wanted to fill up my tank for the journey. Not only that but when I got to my destination (Gabarone) God showed me his provision there. An old friend decided they wanted to fill up my tank for the journey back. Another friend decided she wanted me to shop - so she gave me some money. God lined up so many people who wanted to take me out, etc, there was just an overflow. At the end of that journey I realised something-if I hadn't planned any of those trips I would never have experienced God's supernatural provision. (And in case anyone's wondering - I never even told any of the people that blessed me about what I needed.)


Thanks John, that makes alot of sense...
You have reminded me to go a head and make my plans - God will provide the money!!

God bless you...may he grant you safety as you travel, more strength and inspiration.


Hallo John,
Its great having received my first monday memo am a Kenyan who first had
you in Hope Fm.Am looking forward to a great time and communicate with
you by the way when are you coming to Kenya.I have been challenged as a
young youth leader by your purposequest articles that have transformed the
way i think and manage myself.My purpose is to "organize reality in the
creation"because i have found myself in situations that i don't like where, i question the system and i usually find it had to fix myself in things that maintain the status quo.Have a great week.

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