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August 15, 2006



Wow! That is great. I laughed at the thought of you being the "best looking man."

Lyn Ondiko


your celebrate failure week something, i wroite quite abit on what celebrate a failure is but my power failed me toi celebrate so was not able to send.

on the contrary i want to look at Balance, the moment i saw the word "balance" wat came to my mind is the much talked about "Balanced diet", and i laughed at the thought that the many people who really claim it dont do it,
I believe balance is what you want to believe it is, and many times it is not.

One cannot stay balalnced and keep the record of a balanced person, there is always an extreme in staying balanced, rahter let me say, there is always a part that suffers for those who claim to be balanced.

One must have gone to side side to want to come to a point that they feel they wanna be balanced and yet suffer the other side.

One may comment on my comments but it is hard to stay balanced and be normal. if not then why struggle to be baalnced????


John Drexler

Response to my pastor who forwarded your article to me:

He's dead wrong. Or else what we studied so carefully in Joshua's men is wrong. But I think Stanko is off the beam here. Even Jesus retreated from his passion to teach and heal the people in order to be with the Father and gain back "balance" in his life. No, Stanko had a rogue thought run across his path and decided it could be rationalized into an article. He just needs to look around at God's creation. Where, in the entire universe, do you see ANYTHING working iproperly if it's out of balance? Sure you can achieve a lot of things with terminal tunnel vision and festered focus...but you destroy the organism in the process. If you don't balance work with sleep, you die. If you don't balance work with recreation, you wear out. The biggest argument for the position of intelligent creation is the FACT that the universe is too intricate, too BALANCED to have been happenstance from an explosion. Nope. He's dead wrong on this one. And I like the guy...even went to hear him speak.

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