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January 01, 2007



Hi - a quick note in response to the first edition of The Monday Memo for 2007. Thanks for your persistence. I've been getting these for some time and sometimes didn't read them and sometimes did. But I always knew, every time I saw it on my computer screen, that somebody out there somewhere was rooting for the people like me, who were afraid of something (who knows exactly what?) concerning their own purpose and quest of. God has brought me to a place however in which I have picked up my colors (colored pencils, specifically)and begun to relate to them and with them, defying - yes, defying, even ignoring- those old tapes from people who may or may not have meant well and naysayed my dreams and the stuff they are made of. I realized, with God's HELP, that a few people just didn't get it, but the dreams are still there. I love these people still but it would be silly to let some words of years ago snuff out what the GOD of the universe wants done with my life. It would even be wrong. So, thanks again and I would like to say to everyone out there, "Happy, blessed, productive, fruitful 2007 and Beyond and Live out your colors!" Vickie

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