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kenny champion


one step closing to Knowing. Doing. Being. BOLD Dreams require BOLD words, followed by BOLD actions. i dig it !

keep BEING doc Stanko !


Thanx 4 reminding me that what I am doing right now is what I have always wanted 2 do 4 the last 17 years, but the challenges and stresses of my new job were killing my joy. God bless.


Thank you for the message. I am deeply encouraged to see things positively in a situation that I feel almost hopeless. This was timely and God bless you greatly.


Thanks for such encouraging words about David. I have been feeling like my dream is too grandiose like it wouldnt take off. Now I must have faith it will.


I just wanted to drop you a line to say that your message on David below, is one of the most inspiring messages I have received, and I hope to translate your advice into action - by claiming the Promises of God, and to rely totally on Him to help me through difficult situations and challenges.

Thank you and may you continue to be blessed in your Ministry.


Thanks Dr. Stanko, am also facing a goliath in my place of work but I have decided and have taken a stance that I will face this Goliath like David. I am a conquerer.


I think this article is precise as most of us are not willing to speak into the future and thus do not get the fullness of what the Lord

Can give us. I must learn to appropriate this in order to get what the destiny I can have.

Thks for this light,

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