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February 05, 2007



I just want to say thank you so much for your daily encouragement. To tell the truth i just started last week reading your mail, it when i felt so much discouraged because it was just like everything was against me. i decided to get into your mail u usually sent me and my brother i gained confidence. Today am in ther internet cafe and u are encouraging me about facing and climbing my moutain like what Jonathan did.


thank you Dr John that has really inspired me.


Dear Dr Stanko

Thank you so much for this Monday Memo 283; Climb Your Mountain. It has really been a blessing and I really needed the encouragement.

Thank you so much. Please keep up the good work and may God continue to multiply and shower you with His blessings.

sophia fenton

Dear Dr Stanko

Many thanks for the words of the monday memo.

I will be definately, be engaging in activities which will result in me climbing my mountain like Jonothan.

God Bless.


Audrey Harvey

Dr. Stanko,
Thank you so much for the Monday Memo 'What are you wearing right now'. I always find that when i am going through a personal dilema, you always send a 'now word'. I have been fulfilling others expectations and vision of who i am and who i should be. Now that i am fulfilling the plans and intent that God has for me, i find it amazing as to how people will constantly try to get me to fulfil their dream and visions as opposoed to what God has mandated for my life, via garments of disguise. However i relaise that in wearing their garments i am building a reputation but destroying my true character, dreams and vision.

Sunday Jayeola

I appreciate your contribution to the house hold of faith

moureen Sudi

Dr. Stanko i wanted to greet you. i am moureen sudi from Deliverance church Eldoret Kenya wanted to share more with you together with your monday memo, and as well am a teacher at rapha education centre.

Sexo Maspalomas

well.. it's like I thought!

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