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November 04, 2007



praise God thank you for putting me back on focus. I've been very busy involved in the prayer ministry
when I am an encourager and leader. I am trusting God to
show me how exactly but mostly its his leaders that he brings me together with. I am doing very little in that
area. So i need to sow more in motivational speaking
and leadership or what would you advise?


Thanks for this article, it has changed my thinking and in the days to follow my actions.


Have done my share of sowing one thing and expecting another!!


Hey Dr John I hear what you are saying but isn't proserity birthed out of sowing? as in Luke 6v38 give and it shall be given unto you.....?


Very interesting indeed. the memos are always refreshing every time i read them and in one or the other i always get challenged. you are talking about reaping what you sow.

Many are the time we as christians we wonder why we are not seeing the blessings we have been promised in the bible . This article should be a wakeup call to many of us whom have thinking so. We have to be wise in our thinking and the way organise our lives.

I totally agree with you that you cant sow wheat and expect to get corns . You will get corns. I have been working in a certain establishment for close to 4 yrs and expecting working condition to get better pay wise but that has not been so, i sow in church, i am a tither and i have tried to lead an upright life but still nothing as changed. in all theses i find that i have trying to help God while he doesn't need my help..

Let us be wise in our thinking and the way we handle issues and think smart. a businessman will not invest his cash where ther are no returns.Let us be real with ourselves.

Kathy Banashak

Hi John!

I've been thinking and thinking about this memo. You said that because you sowed into the prison ministry in Orlando you shouldn't have expected to reap at your church in Orlando. You said that you should expect to reap within the area you sow.

I don't think I agree totally with that. I think if you sow into God's kingdom you will reap, but not necessarily in the same part of the kingdom in which you sow. God's kingdom is far bigger than a plot of land. I think that the reason your church in Orlando didn't take off could be that God had a bigger plan for you--what you are doing now across the world. If the Orlando church had taken off, you might never have started doing what you are doing now where you are doing it. I think you have reaped that prison ministry sowing in the wonderful global ministry God has given to you. He saw how you could be faithful with those who were in no position to give back to you, and He blessed you with the ability to make a difference in lives halfway across the world--what a privilege!

Muthoni Mwaura

hi pastor john! just want to thank u for ua visit at jcc-kenya.u were a great blessing! thanks to u,i now know my purpose in life.
And yes,i've done my share of expecting to harvest what i did not sow.now i know better!

Robert Nyajena Zimbabwe

Thank you Dr John for your memo on the fear of failing now i am rejuvinated and will continue to work in the activities that i was losing hope that they may fail.
Thank you again on the lecture that u gave at the college of health Sciences on how to be the best leaders

Paluica Wright

Thank yoy for that word - I will definitely do some meditation too see where I am goig wrong - then refocus my energy

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