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February 24, 2008



Thanks for this message – it just hit the nail on the head!

Since the “profiles” workshop in Naivasha/Kenya I have re-evaluated my potentials. Now I know myself better and one of the potential I have actualized is - creative writing using humor to encourage and educate others through the Word of God. BUT hold on before you get excited!! I wrote two chapters two months ago (when I was on vacation) and since then I have been too busy to write another single word of the book!

I do not feel lazy about writing nor do I feel uninspired – but time, time, time. Sometimes I wish I could just run-away to outer space with a laptop and write.

Ooh no… I would miss my family and friends! At times I am not even sure anymore whether I am writing a book! BUT … I am not giving up. I am determined to finish the good work that I have started because I know God wishes to inspire others in a certain way through what He has knitted RIGHT inside me. You can tell I am trying hard to encourage myself in the Lord!

Please advise.

john stanko

Hi Grace,

Nope. doesn't sound like you are lazy at all. we all face the time issues. here are some thoughts:

1. you have all the time in the world already! that's right. for every day you are alive, you have 24 hours. so you cannot get "more time." you must use the time you have.

2. to add writing to an already busy life means that something else must go. Peter Drucker used to say that everyone should have five goals. when you introduce a new one, you should eliminate one of the old ones.

3. you eliminate projects and add new ones according to your values, focusing on the most important, not the most urgent.

4. we must all learn to write with the moments we have, not waiting for the large chunks of time we wish to have one day. i write 30 minutes every day, sometimes more, seldom less. i have been able to develop a body of writing by giving that amount of time consistently.

5. Julia Cameron is a writer who encourages writers. her book The Artist's Way is a classic. if you can find it, and I have found it in Kenya before, invest in it and then follow her plan to help you write and create.

Those are my thoughts for the day. Keep up the good work, don't be discouraged and stay focused. you sound like you are "hooked" on writing. now it's just figuring out how to make it part of your daily routine.


Dear John,
I don't want to add anything to what you wrote about creativity vs laziness all I will do is agree that a lot of times we Christian spend more time expecting that big miracle to inspire the abilities in us yet we already have the inspiration through the Holy Spirit and all we need to do is get that pen or that key board and start typing away. James says "show me your faith without works and I will show you my faith with my works". Alot of times we are too busy praying and hoping that the inspiration will somehow get itself into paper instead of actually getting it done.
We are so much into instant "coffee" break throughs that when it doesn't come right away, we give up too soon and let that creative ability in us go to sleep.

Wow, am excited about the ministry you are going to do in the medical university in Zimbabwe.Being an African living in California, I keep praying for my beautiful continent and can't wait for the day when that revolution will come to our land.

The church plant project in Hollywood is exciting...Many people are volunteering to help and am just trusting the Lord to give us all that we will need for it.

God bless.

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