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March 02, 2008


Joe Franz

Great Advice. Often, I am my own worst enemy, over-analyzing everything. Sometimes I think I should offer my services as an "analyst" (probably not a bad idea in itself). I've got a few good ideas that I've been chewing on for awhile --- I think I'll just go ahead and get started! Thanks for being true to your purpose! And, encouraging us to be true to ours.


This is one of my favorite Stankoisms! I believe that the movie Signs from a few years ago must have been influenced by someone who heard Dr. John speak on this topic.

As Mel Gibson's character and his brother are battling the invaders Mel tells his brother -here is a spoiler so stop if you haven't seen the movie- the line Mel's wife told him as she was dying. Tell him to 'Swing away, swing away."

I heard the Holy Spirit drop that phrase in my heart a while ago. Not prompted by seeing the movie-just out of the blue. Swing Away! I have a friend who played major league baseball for a while as a pitcher and asked him as a baseball player what does Swing Away mean when the Coach tells a player that phrase. His response encouraged my heart as he stated that when a coach tells a player "Swing Away" it is because the coach knows the player well enough and has confidence in the player AND in his player's ability that he relies on the player to not only provide an accurate assessment of where the pitch is, where they are in the game but also in the player's ability to have a positive impact on the rest of the game.

So as we find ourselves at the plate today may I add to 'Hit it hard and wish it well' - a hearty 'Swing Away!'


You've really made my day.I was in the middle of
planning some conference but dint have the money.Now i
will plan like i have all the money.I will hit very
hard and wish it well.
Be blessed and multiplied. May the blessings of Jacob
follow you.



Thank you for the Monday Memo 337. In the past three weeks, I have come across four messages (including yours) from the portion of scripture you quoted in today’s memo – I think God is trying to tell me something! For years and years I have “watched the wind” and not planted and “looked at the clouds” and not reaped because I always wanted to “play it safe” in order to avoid disappointment or looking like a fool if whatever I tried did not work out. Today’s Monday Memo serves as more than a confirmation that I must do whatever my hand finds to do, to do it, along with prayer and trust in God and wish it well. I know sooner or later I am going to hit the right target.


My pastor once said worrying changes the worrier. Hit it hard and wish it well indeed. I have been doing that a lot including going for a house costing way more than I can afford and I believe I will get it FULLY paid for. Thank you for the encouragement and challenge as well, Dr John.


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