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April 05, 2008



Good afternoon! I hope that you are enjoying Africa, I am sure its a lot sunnier than here in the UK where our introduction to spring has been snow and sleet!

I just wanted to say how wonderful it is to be having a failure week! And how much it has helped me. I have been stressed senseless about exams I have coming up and more stressed about what a total and utter loser I would be if I failed them! I was petrified I would be in a dark deep hole for eternity hiding in shame. Yes drastic I realise but still how I felt. Until I realised that doing my exams was actually a result of something I had learned from a past failure.

I decided not to do my A Levels at the end of my O level year and go onto a college instead, to cut a long story short I never got to finish the course and could not go onto University as I had never done my a Levels. I always kicked myself for it, and on my gap year here in England when i saw the opportunity to do my A Levels jumped at it and have been studying them at night. I have exams in 5 weeks and felt stressed witless, more out of the fear of failing than actually doing the exams, it was so bad at one stage i actually thought I'd just give up while i was ahead and go home and not sit the exams, at least then I gave up and didn't stand the chance of failing.

Your failure week and writing on failure has really encouraged me, I'm now happy that I at least took the chance and can write my a Levels, regardless of whether I fail or not now at least I know I tried and I can stop asking myself, 'What if I had?'

So thank you and enjoy sunny Africa, I'll see you back in Zimbabwe sometime, hopefully with an A Level Pass! In the meantime, I'm really learning from failure week preparation!

God bless


I appretiate what you have said on failure, but, what if i keep on failing numerous times over and over and it ends up as if failure is a habit?

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