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April 20, 2008



Boo! =) i Like "Celebrate a Failure" Much Better than "celebrate Some Feedback" and i think it should be "Celebrate a Failure MONTH." How can you Limit ALL these Failures, to a Week ??? LOL. i guess i have to distill my failures and only pick the Best Ones? Thanx Doc Stanko ! I'm gonna go "get my Failure On!"

Matthew Brooks

This Monday Memo was BRILLIANT!

I don't know why but i'm also one of those people who hates to "fail" but now i have been enlightened i can view my life totally different!

The funny thing is, if it wasn't for my "failures" i probably wouldn't be who and where i am right now. It's the "failures" that inspired me to do better.

I'm happy i've heard this message while i'm still young because i know the way i live my life will be dramatically different now.

I had the revelation of "failure" being like a mirror. Like a woman putting of lipstick without a mirror. If the lipstick ends up messed up, she wont be able to see it but with the mirror she can see her mistakes and correct them ending up with the desired result.

I believe that when we're scared of "failure" we're putting on lipstick without a mirror. When we see "failure" as feedback and as something positive, we're putting on lipstick with a mirror.

Thanks for a great post Dr. Stanko.

God Bless!

Matt Brooks

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