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John B. Kendrick

Excellent point about our ability, or lack thereof, to manage time. I prefer to call it task management.

And your suggestion to track how we use our time is just what I've recommended, in fact, I recently wrote a detailed post on how I done that every work day for the past 8 years at http://johnkendrick.wordpress.com/2008/10/04/journaling-your-way-to-gtd/.

I also diverted to some of your Gospel links. It is great to read another blog that presents the gospel to business people. Keep up the great work for our Lord! John


Great article. Time management is really an oxymoron. As you say, time is not the thing that can be managed. What it comes down to is how we manage ourselves in relation to time. Lets face it, we are all really busy, and if you are not careful you can end up being controlled by the tyranny of the urgent, constantly putting out fires. I find that prioritizing and planning your work (usually the at a weekly level), and then working your plan, is a great step towards getting the most important things done.

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