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David Thuku

What a testimony. This is indeed a great testimony for the hope that is there in Christ and "Death while in Christ".

I pray that this shall grant us new life perspective any time we go experience the 'Passing on' of loved ones.

Keep sharing this Testimony John as often as you can as we obey the scripture ...."encourage each other with these words..."


Serede Geoffrey

Great encouragement John...For those of us who still live to emulate mother Stanko. My sincere condolences.

Dr Mel Mudzingwa

Dear Dr John
Thank you for this touching and inspiring memo. That God could use such a time to show His goodness and even in this time of passing you can find many things to be thankful for. May God continue to order your steps. My sincere condolences to you Dr John. drmel

Ralph Di Somma

What a testimony of God's leading. Thank you for taking the time to share God's goodness as He helped you navigate this period of both yours and your mothers life. My sincere condolences.

joash migosi

This is to join you in celebrating the life of mother Stanko who has been a beacon of hope,strengh and model in our society. May she have a total rest before the Lord.

Jim Jones

Dear John,

Thank you for your being so open and honest. God honors your quest to help others while you honor Him in doing so. I am deeply sorry for your loss and will pray for you. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet you at ACAC a short time ago. Your mom was blessed to have such a compassionate and loving son. Stay strong in the Lord my friend.

Pete Caputo

My sincerest condolences. You are a blessing, and now that you have shared a little about your mom, I know why.

All the best to you,


Kenneth Barungi

Dear Dr. Stanko,

You are a blessed man to care for your mother and live to testify her saintly life.

Your generosity continues to be a source of strength for me each week.

As our Big Daddy promised in Proverbs 11:25, you deserve to witness Mother Stanko’s last breath, and more...

To God be the glory!

Tom Schaffer


What a rich and blessed testimony, my heart was touched. Our prayers here at the Mission are with you and your loved ones. What a blessing to have stayed so close to your Mother all these years. I am certain that you will meet again in glory.

Dean Gartland

John: Although it is always difficult when someone we love so dearly leaves us it is also a blessing when you know that you will meet them again. Having gone through a recent loss myself I am encouraged by your words and my prayers are with you.
Blessings to you brother!


I want to be more like your mom for my family’s sake.
God bless and thank you for continuing and sharing her testimony!

Janet McNish

Dear John,
Thank you for your touching testimony. We met at Micah Church: London UK. We will pray for you in your time of loss.

Mother Stanko left a great legacy.You have both inspired me in so many ways through your memos.

Ted Miller


What a great tribute to Mother Stanko. Your description made me wish that I had the privilege of knowing her in this life. Our prayers are with you and your family during this time.

Larry Warren

John, so glad He opened the doors so you could be with your mom yesterday. What a blessing!

And thanks for your encouraging blog posts.

Kristine Adala

Dear John,

Thank you once more for allowing your life to be so open to us that we can see the power of the risen Christ practically at work. Death has no more sting, the grave has no more vistory.

My sincere condolences for your loss. We join you in celebrating the life of your mother.

Love Kris

Grace Mwendwa

Dear John and Family,
There is no good time for our loved ones to depart. God chose this time for your beloved mum, but most importantly God prepared you for this. She was the most privileged mum to have a son like you, she knew it and she has died a happy person. Cherish the moments you shared with your mum.


Dear John,

Accept my condolences as you mourn the death of your mum and reflect on her life and the blessing that she was. I hope that you will continue to live out the rich legacy she has left. Thanks for sharing about her life and her ideals. She sounds like the sort of woman who would be a nice, sweet granny to everyone she met. I'm glad that you could be there for her as she took her last breath and that she died in peace.


David Waweru

Dear John,

Your Mums death reminds all of us a very sobering truth. That one of these days each one of us will leave this world and either go to be with The Lord or to eternal judgment. How we live in this world determines where we shall go. May The Lord help us to keep our hearts where our treasure lies.


Audrey Harvey

Dear Dr. Stanko,

So sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. She sounds as though she was a wonderful woman.

I am sure she was very proud of you knowing that she has raised a son to be a giver and a blesser.

My prays and thoughts are with you as you celebrate the life and passing of your mother, knowing she has gained a far, far better place with the Lord.

Every Blessings
Audrey Harvey

Nicolate Gwati

I am very sorry for your loss. I know that you will deeply feel your mother's absence and I pray that God will comfort you and give you peace during the times you miss her most.

Lorna Wade

Dear John

Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time of loss. We thank God with you, that He honoured your wish to be with your mum during her last moments. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Every Blessing
Denis & Lorna Wade


Praise be to God that mother Stanko has gone to be with her maker. I am humbled by her testimony, encouragement, and guidance through the Holy Spirit.
The question is; am I walking right with God, will He find faith in me when my time to die comes?

Stanko, be encouraged in the Lord. You indeed will miss your mother, but, the greatest of all is that God is there for you, and will fill the gap that has been left. Continue with the higher calling, The Great Commission.

God bless you mightily.


Dearly beloved man of God, During This Precious Time Know That God Is The chief event organizer of all times. seeing mama pass on to glory on her full ripe old age is like watching a beautifully cut mega rock of diamond. my sincere love to you n your sister.


Um sorry about you mom.

Thank God that your heart's desire to be there when she passed on was fulfilled.

God bless you.


May the Lord be with you and comfort as He has always done.I am with you in prayer.

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