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November 08, 2009



Hey Dr. J!
Just this week I was wrestling with the role of women in the Bible. I asked God to show me truth in the matter. This post about Deborah is an answser to that prayer!
Thanks once again for sharing your wisdom!

Jackie C.Ashpole

Good points about the value of Deborah and her as a current role model. One thing I see is that she was also a worshipper.
She knew where her source came from and gave credit to Lord.
In Chapter 5 she and Barak sang and some translations say they danced...rejoiced over the victory that set Israel free.
Don't think it was a new concept for her...the joy of the Lord was her strength.


Dear Dr. Stanko,

I'm the reader who asked if you would consider teaching on Deborah. Thank you for doing that! I'm sorry for the length of time it's taken me to respond, but I simply had fallen behind, but now am catching up.

I like your points and agree. I see Deborah as one who had insight in what was going on in the earth. She understood the principalities and powers, i.e. Sisera, and also the inspired design of Barak to counter those powers of darkness.

In short, she recognized the mood of the land and was responsive. And she recognized and encouraged moving in purpose, i.e. Barak. Like you do. She was willing to inconvenience herself, in obedience, on behalf of others.

There are parts of her story that I'm still pondering. But you at least deserved these few points.

Sincerest thanks,



A Timely Miracle:(Emmanuel -United Kingdom)

Im so blessed with this preaching and expository word of God that the man of God has really put down. Infact, this is the confirmation of what my pastor was preaching and asking us to do this year. This is a year to have faith and believing God for uncommon miracles and breakthroughs in our lives. I pray, the Almighty God will give us the power to have this faith and believing in him. Also, there is power in spoken word, as you pray, commanding the stars, moon and sun to stand and work in favour of you, have faith in God because he honours his word more than him self. Brethren there is power in spoken word. May the Almighty God bless us as we listen and be the hearer and the doer of the word in Jesus Name. Amen

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