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February 28, 2010


Tim Maloney

When I was younger and before I was a believer, I used to take failure as a signal to get out. I did this with most sports, if it was batting .300 or swimming like Mark Spitz or running a football like Walter Payton, I would just move on to the next thing. I did stick with playing the trumpet though (mostly because my parents kinda made me). I remember one time the music director had all the trumpet players play individually a section of the piece we were practicing. Well, I was not prepared and totally blew it. A few of us stunk up the joint and were moved down a section. I went from 1st trumpet, 3rd chair to 2nd trumpet, 3rd chair.

I vowed from then on to never be unprepared playing a peice of music. I eventually moved up to 1st trumpet again and the following year I made County and District Band, a Band you had to try out for. They took 16 trumpet players from a region that had between 20 and 30 school districts.

It wasnt until I was older that I appreciated that failure. I'll never forget that feeling of humilation or the thrill of making the District Band either! I guess they went hand in hand!

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