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December 05, 2010


Paul Korir

Dear John,
Thank you so much for being such a brilliant example of what the power of Christ can do in us. I truly admire you for your clarity of mind and self-organisation. I am also grateful for the wonderful work that you're carrying out in my country of birth, Kenya. I look forward to contributing to it in the near future.
My purpose of writing to you is to comment on today's topic. While I agree that planning by committing 1% of the day to planning, I think it is prone to disturbance if done daily - it is more likely that something will scuttle the daily routine. What I've found to be much more effective is to commit two-hours per week, at the least, which comes just over 1%, to planning for that week. I sit down and put my whole week's schedule into Google Calendar (GC). GC has some very good features for those who use Google products: the ability to send reminders, not just by email, but also by SMS. I think that very few people are aware of these features. During the week, I make a list of all the pending things that arise and plan them into my diary so that at any one moment in time I am only thinking of what I should be doing. It gives me great peace when I know that every activity has been budgeted for and I can suspend thought on it until it's proper time arrives (Eccl.3:1).
Once again, I deeply appreciate your shining example. May God continue to richly bless you.
Your friend in Christ,
P. Korir

Eunice Ochieng

Dear John
Thanks alot for equiping Gods children spiritually and even socially.I am quite impressed with the topic on planning.this is my major undoing and i end up spending the day just moving in circles and achieving very little.i am really concerned about this coz it makes me restles and worried.Please send me a software or a computerised organizer that can help me achieve this.May the Lord bless you mightily for what you are doing in Kenya

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