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Judy MIchael

Love the picture John!
I am looking forward to your books and learning through you and with you.When I feel I have little strength to pursue ideas that I believe He puts in my mind, the references you quoted are indispensible.
God bless you.

Angela Hough

Thank you for today's Memo, John! An excellent and inspiring message - I am prompted to take strategic steps.

david jacobs

John,wanted to be there but wasnt feeling well.I was encouraged by postings 502/503. I thank you God for men who aren't afraid to lead and make themselves vulnerable. The Leadeship short fall is a huge problem in the church today.Where did the church get the idea that we are 'all to be sheep'?Dont confues meekness with weakness.(2Cor12:9)The thorn in the case of the American church is 'fear and indifference' to expose your self and submit to the living God.Its He who gives us grace and power to overcome the thorn!John Maxwell wrote"Visions make leaders passionate;thorns keep them authentic.Thanks for being authentic brother!


Well done John!!
I am so inspired by your example. Indeed may He equip you with everything good for doing His Will and may He work in you what is pleasing to Him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen. (Heb 13:21)


Congratulations. Thank you for encouraging us with your determination to keep on succeeding! The Lord bless you and continue to direct you. Shalom


Congraturations John. You are a great encouragement in the house of the Lord. May the Lord continue to give you strength and inspiration to share. My prayer for you is that you Finish Strong like the great men of the Bible: Daniel,Joseph and Paul, among others.

Susan Masake

Congratulation. You inspire me a lot.Studying, slimming, writing inspiration sermons.You inspire me!

essay writing

I love this post for so many reasons... thank you so much! As a new mom with all of my time and space squeezed into little bits, I have struggled to continue making art... but recently I have adopted your outlook and managed to fit it in... which means I have art materials all over the kitchen table and have completely stopped doing housework, but I am doing it!

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